Rebate offerings and incentives are available to all customers in the family of service areas that operate under Summit Utilities, Inc. If you are a customer in Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and the Texarkana, Texas area and your service provider is Arkansas Oklahoma Gas, Colorado Natural Gas, Summit Natural Gas of Missouri, Summit Utilities Oklahoma, or Summit Utilities Arkansas, you are eligible for rebates and incentives. As a family of energy providers, all areas of operation share a common goal to provide safe, reliable natural gas, to care for the communities they serve, and to offer rebate solutions that not only save you money but allow you to be more energy efficient.

Rebate and incentive opportunities vary by operating company. Please check individual service providers' offerings and guidelines to determine eligibility.

Arkansas Oklahoma Gas

Reduce your carbon footprint with a high-efficiency appliance or smart thermostat.

Apply for a Rebate

Colorado Natural Gas

High-efficiency natural gas appliances help you save money and energy usage.

Summit Natural Gas of Missouri

Enjoy comfort at a lower cost.

Summit Utilities Arkansas

Check out our combo rebate for installing more than one natural gas appliance.

Summit Utilities Oklahoma

Convert to a high-efficiency natural gas appliance and improve the comfort of your home.